Testimonials from One Year Shamanic Circle graduates


"Since knowing Taz and attending her 1 year Shamanic Circle, my whole life has and is changing. By delivering the teachings and tools needed, as well as 'out of hours' personal guidance and support, I have been able to begin my own journey into wholeness for the first time in 46 years. Recently confirmed as 'in my Crone phase', as well as withdrawing from 26 years of anti depressant use, Taz and Asha have held me through some extremely difficult and painful times. My whole life as I knew it, needed to fall away in to a kind of death, in order for me to emerge in beauty balance and truth; you can imagine the massive changes within that. Apart from my own children, there is no one on this earth I trust as wholly as Taz and I will forever be thankful that she took hold of my hand on that dark windy night, and walked on the fire with me. Taz is intergrity personified." - Nancy B


"I came across Taz's One Year Shamanic Circle training when I was looking to learn more about myself and my life purpose. I read every book I could get my hands on regarding a Spiritual development and self study, but somehow my soul felt deeply connected to a Shamanic culture and I felt strong calling to learn how to journey. When searching for training I stumbled across Taz's website and arranged to meet her in person.

"I was afraid that joining the circle could be a costly mistake if I was not going to benefit from the training. I was a total novice and didn't believe I would learn to journey, therefore decided to get an advice first. Taz made me feel at ease with the idea and reassured me I will learn journeying, and much more. She warned me that once I start the Spiritual training with her, my life will change for ever and there will be no turning back. After the meeting I couldn't wait to start.

"The year went so quickly I hardly noticed, but I will cherish the memories of the circle forever. It is very profound experience, and boy, Taz was right, there is no messing around with the Spirits. Once you step on the path your whole world turns upside down, all the nonsense disappears and your life changes forever. Mine did a big time. Taz is very experienced and so dedicated to the work she does, I loved the circle because I met there people like me, who would have similar goals and desires. The work we have done was very advanced, and not only I learnt to journey, but I have experienced such a profound spiritual transformation that had changed my approach to all the world around me, and my way of living. You can be assure that you will be in safe hands with Taz, the circle safety is a priority for her and she knows exactly what to do, so you can totally relax and enjoy the learning process. You will learn more about yourself in that year than in your entire life, you will experience huge shift in your consciousness, power of your Spirit Guides and Power Animals that you could never suspect, and since you work in the circle, the energy created by the circle members will help you to elevate to the level you would never achieve if you were working alone. You will learn all the lessons that your guides think are important for you at the time to help you to become a true you, to drop the veil of illusion and start to live an authentic life. You will face all your fears and challenge your Ego, but you will not be alone in that process - with Taz's and other members of circle you will feel completely supported and equipped to do so. Having a faith and surrender to the inner guidance was one of many lessons I have learnt, alongside of lesson of trust, acceptance and unconditional love.

"I am a different person now than I was before the training, and although the learning is never over, the learning received at the One Year Shamanic Circle was the biggest lesson of all. I can recommend it to everyone and I am confident that if you find a calling to endeavour that path, you will never regret choosing that Shamanic Circle." - Barbara L


"Having travelled around the medicine wheel with Taz for almost three years, I have had the pleasure of working with her deeply. Watching, listening and learning from one for whom I have grown to hold the utmost respect and affection. Old and wise as well as young and funky! No bullshit, straight shooting, yet transcendent in knowledge, experience and wisdom. Just the way I like it. I wholeheartedly recommend Taz as a teacher and a deep heart spirit. I can never thank her enough, personally, for her teachings, and her unwavering friendship." - DK Leather